Lizza Superteig Pizza

If we had to choose just one food truck in Frankfurt, Lizza Superteig Pizza would be our absolute favourite. Not just because of its quality and its taste but also because of their motivation and philosophy. The founders of this new flavourful pizza are Marc Schlegel (28) and Matthias Kramer (29), two young entrepreneurs that got to know each other working as interns in a bank. In august 2014 their entrepreneurial spirit grew, giving birth to this new super-yummy low-carb vegan pizza.


We have long been looking forward to try Lizza Pizza and finally we got the chance to try it in August during the BE! Street Food Weekend celebrated at the beautiful Galopprennbahn Frankfurt. First, we saw the table tennis. Well done Lizza, ten points! (we are absolute fans of table tennis!)


So after playing for a little while, we though we were now ready and hungry enough to try it. This new pizza consists of an innovative pastry done with chia and flax seeds and housemade tomato sauce. This means that apart from being a low-carb pizza, it’s gluten-free! And it even has a vegan version of it. 


We ordered an avocado pizza & a margherita and they were both absolutely amazing. We enjoyed a lot chatting with Matthias and getting to know more about their product. We could really feel that they are really enthusiastic and excited about their new business idea. We were suprised to see that they even had “Horchata”, a spanish drink made out of “chufa”, which we could taste raw at their food truck.


The guys behind Lizza regularly post updates on their facebook page with the list of events they joined and information on how their business is developing. Don’t miss their updates, some of the posts are insightful, others absolutely hilarious (don’t miss the airport-flour/cocaine story!).

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